Restorative and Comprehensive Dentistry

Your smile is a valuable accessory that impacts both your physical health as well as your social life. Just a single cavity or missing tooth can impact your confidence and ability to eat a balanced meal without pain.

Our dentists can help you to restore your oral health and function so that you can eat and smile comfortable.

Some of the ways we do this are by tailoring your care plan to include appropriate services such as:

Hygiene Maintenance — Gentle cleanings remove tartar buildup and stain. We also screen for symptoms of gum disease so that the deposits can be removed and tooth loss can be avoided.

Fillings — A small white filling is the best way to prevent decay from spreading deeper into the tooth. We can even match them to the color of your natural enamel.

Root Canals — An abscessed tooth can cause severe pain and facial swelling. Removing the infection and filling the nerve chamber helps you preserve your tooth for many more years.

Posts and Cores — Do you have a tooth that needs a crown, but it’s badly worn down or broken? A buildup underneath can help you avoid having the tooth pulled.

Dental Crowns — “Caps” protect your tooth, allowing it to continue with normal biting and chewing. You may need a crown if the tooth is cracked, badly decayed, or has had a root canal.

Bridges — Replace one or two missing teeth with a beautiful porcelain bridge. They can also be placed over dental implants.

Cosmetic Veneers — Instantly transform the appearance of your smile by making it look straighter and whiter with custom veneers.

Customized Dentures — An economical solution to replacing all your missing teeth at one time.

Laser Treatments — Experience gentler, faster surgeries and cosmetic procedures with technologically advanced techniques.

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